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Vinyl Fence, Gates and Openers

affordable vinyl fence service

Given the outdoor conditions, it’s important that your fencing is durable and built to last. This is why the option of vinyl fencing is so appealing. Vinyl is a material that’s durable and, due to its synthetic nature, doesn’t experience problems with moisture, rot or mold, which only further increases the durability of this type of fencing. Beyond fencing, our team also specialising in the installation of a range of different gates, suitable for all kinds of fences. This includes being able to install automatic gates. So, whether it’s fencing or gates, our service can provide what you are looking for.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is one more option that you can choose from with our service. Vinyl, a synthetic material that’s also referred to as PVC, is often used as a substitute for wood. However, by some estimates, it’s considered to be five times stronger than wood, giving a vinyl fence a higher level of durability.  There are many great benefits that this provides. Vinyl fencing is also great in terms of design, as there’s a number of different colors and styles you can choose from. So, it’s easy to find something that perfectly matches your home or property.

Long Term Durability and Value

The main reason why vinyl fencing is seen as such a great option is because of the long term value that it provides. The increased level of durability means that the need for repair or maintenance work is relatively low, which can be a great way to save. Vinyl fencing is also easy to keep clean, which is a great benefit in an outdoor setting, and all that’s required to keep your fence looking great is some soap and a quick hose down.


We are more than just quality fence builders, we also specialise in gates. Gates for your home or commercial fencing can be the perfect way to better increase property security, and ensure safety. Gates can be especially important if you have any young children or pets. It’s a way to keep them in your yard, whilst also giving them a secluded and safe outdoor space to enjoy. We can design and install gates to match a range of different types of fencing, and can even provide automatic gates and openers too.


As part of our expertise in gates, our service can also provide a wide selection of automatic gate operators. Gates can be great for property security, but having to open and close them all the time can be additional hassle. With an automatic gate opener, you can have the best of both worlds. You can be sure that your property is secure, whilst avoiding the additional hassle of having to constantly open and close your gate yourself. That’s not the only bonus they provide, however. Openers and automatic gates can be a great to get increased property value too. So, what’s not to love about investing in an automatic gate opener?

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